Success comes from hard work and ingenuity.

Alpha High School is a private school in downtown Austin, Texas designed for self-directed, passionate learners who love diving deep into topics that excite them.


Startup High School

Alpha High feels more like a coworking space than a school by design. Our students are treated as colleagues, each in charge of their own learning journey, and each with limitless potential to achieve bold and ambitious goals.


Boundless Education

Autonomy, accountability and ingenuity are central to Alpha High, where Guides mentor students as they work independently with adaptive apps to advance through their coursework. Students earn the same or more credits compared to traditional high schools, but do so more efficiently, leaving time for their true passion a 4-year masterpiece project that ties together multiple disciplines.


Students Become Masters

AlphaX, short for Alpha Expertise, is the hallmark that draws students to Alpha High School. An exciting multi-year program that serves as the cornerstone of the Alpha experience, AlphaX gives students the time, structure, and resources to pursue a bold, valuable project in an area of personal interest. Masterpiece projects range from working with the city to develop a mountain bike park, to building a blog following of over 10,000 readers on Substack, to creating an invisible keyboard. Students embark on up to 1,000 hours of work, achieving goals most people only experience in grad school or beyond.


The Alpha Experience

Alpha students are bolstered with in-depth curriculum and college readiness support, ensuring that core requirements are fulfilled, while deeper interests are explored. Students with an entrepreneurial streak may focus on upper level accounting and finance after traditional mathematics requirements are fulfilled, while a climate activist may choose environmental science after checking off the biology and chemistry boxes. Unique passions are incorporated into a student's school day instead of being relegated to their free time. For more information on Alpha, curriculum, graduation requirements and more, view Alpha High's School Profile.


Academic Resources

School Profile

Learn more about Alpha High School's educational philosophy, unique academic programs, and key contacts for outreach.

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Curriculum Guide

Dig into Alpha's core curriculum and elective offerings, graduation requirements, advanced placement exams, and more.

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Does your eighth or ninth grade student shine brightest when given autonomy and control over their education? We encourage students who are passionate about accomplishing true subject matter expertise to apply for admission to Alpha High School.

The application process involves submission of a short video, along with a shadow day to confirm that Alpha's unique, structured independence approach is right for them.

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